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Banner NPCLib Basic non-player character library.
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This project is starting 5 Oct. 2020 no longer actively maintained. I Thank you all for riding along!

This is an API made specifically for spigot servers (Minecraft). Current supported versions: 1.8.8 - latest. Lightweight replacement for Citizens. NPCLib only uses packets instead of registering the entity in the actual Minecraft server.

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Alternatively, you can help the project by starring the repository or telling others about NPCLib. 😄



There are multiple ways you can make use of NPCLib.

  1. The first option is to shade npclib-plugin.jar in to your plugin.
  2. The second option is to put npclib-plugin.jar under your plugins folder. By doing this, you no longer need to shade the API JAR. Though, do not forget to add NPCLib as a dependency in your plugin.yml!
  3. The third option (and the one I recommend most) is to shade the library using Maven. I recently added NPCLib to the OSSRH (OSS Repository Hosting) which allows you to easily import NPCLib into your project.

Maven repository


Maven dependency

If you have NPCLib under your plugins folder, you may use the following:


If you do not want to have NPCLib in your plugins folder, you need to use the npclib-plugin artifact and shade it accordingly.

Click here to view the latest release.

Repacking the library

To make sure the classes won't be twice at the same place. I recommend repacking the library into your package. (Otherwise issue #79 might occur.) You can do that as follow:

      <!-- Do not include the <configuration>...</configuration> part if you are using Sponge! -->
            <!-- Replace this with your package! -->


Click here for an elaborate explanation on how to use NPCLib in your next project.


For NPCLib I use the follow versioning system:

  • 1.x.x: Where the 1 indicates the major version of the library. When this number changes, it's highly likely there're big API changes.
  • x.1.x: Where the 1 indicates the minor version of the library. When this number changes, a feature is added or a high priority bug is fixed.
  • x.x.1: Where the 1 indicates another minor version of the library. When this number changes, a small bug has been fixed.

Building your own version

  1. Download or clone this repository.
  2. You can build the project using mvn clean install.

The API JAR will be under /api/target/ and the plugin JAR (which includes all necessary NMS code) will be under /plugins/target/.


NPCLib is licensed under the MIT license. Developers are free to use NPCLib for both private and commercial use. However, it would still be nice to acknowledge me.


I thank all those who have contributed to NPCLib over the course of its development.

Please view other credits here.

Copyright (c) Jitse Boonstra 2018 All rights reserved.